september 20, 2020

The Australian film ”Babyteeth” with the wonderful Essie Davis and directed by the talented Shannon McMurphy, has now premiered in the cinemas in Stockholm, Sweden. The reviews are very good and the film is highly recommended.

From the reviews: A brilliant and well played indie film about living fully in the shadows of death… this is more a life-affirming loving story about hope than about despair… an unsentimental drama/comedy… Ben Mendelsohn och Essie Davis as Milla´s parents carry the whole story with their sensitive interpretations of the unbearable of having a deadly ill child… honest, well played, brilliantly staged and full of surprises… gives warmth and hope

In the author of ”Babyteeth” (2012) Rita Kalnejais´ words: ”a film about how good it feels not to be dead yet”.

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